To my 7.5 loyal readers, I apologize. It’s been way too long since my last entry, and by now you’ve probably given up on this poor excuse for a blog. Or maybe you’ve forgotten it exists, or existed, or whatever. But I’m coming at you, anyway! And I have reasons, sort of good ones, for my negligence.

We had a fire, see, and it was in our house, and not in a place where you’d welcome (or anticipate) a fire. Have you ever heard of a combustible dishwasher? Well, now you have. To get specific, it was a Bosch, supposedly a good name in dishwashers. But this one (and there have been many others, we found out later, too late) decided to go up in flames right after we left the house on a short errand. Luckily, it was short (twenty minutes, at the outside), because when we returned the house was full of acrid smoke that we soon traced to the kitchen where the dishwasher, spewing molten plastic from the control panel, was in flames, as was the counter above it and the floor below. All the smoke detectors were screaming.

We got the fire beaten down, turned off the power,  and extinguished what remained of the flames with a fire extinguisher. Smoke continued to fill the house. The fire department arrived and hauled out the dishwasher and made sure there was no hidden smoldering. But toxic smoke was everywhere, clinging to walls, hanging from ceilings like spider webs, in our rugs and clothes and bedding and furniture and electrical and electronic equipment (appliances, laptops, TV, phones, radios, blah, blah, blah).

The house is now empty. We’re living in a hotel. Our belongings are scattered, getting cleaned or stored or trashed. We need to get much in the house repaired and restored. We’re hoping to get back to normal in another ten weeks or so.

All this happened late at night (eleven-ish) on June 19. We had a long-planned trip to Europe scheduled for July 1. So we went. We’d already paid for much of it and we’d be living in a hotel anyway, so there was no point in cancelling. While we were gone, the cleanup and demolition continued. It was good to get away, and I got WAY away, no laptop, phone, or anything. But also no blog.

Now we’re back, in a place with wi-fi, and I have my laptop in my possession, so aside from dealing with the day-to-day of getting the house back in shape, I have no more excuses for not putting something on this blog more regularly. I’ll try, you 7.5 loyalists, I really will.

One lesson we learned from this that I’ll pass along: Don’t leave your dishwasher (especially a Bosch from the early to mid 2000-2010 decade), or maybe any appliance running when you leave the house or go to bed. We had a problem, but it could’ve been much worse had it not been caught until even a few more minutes had passed. In that case we wouldn’t have had a smoke-damaged house. We wouldn’t have had any house.

I hope your reading, writing, and summer are all going well.

Life is good!




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